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Dental Implants - Circle Pines, FL

Recreate Your Smile with Dental Implants

Woman reading a magazine outdoorsIf you have teeth missing from your smile, you may think there is nothing you can do about it -- or you may have considered dentures and partials to do the trick. Although dentures and partials are one way to tackle the problem, you may be looking for a more permanent solution. Dental implants in Circle Pines are a wonderful solution for those who are looking to fulfill their dream of having a beautiful, full smile that is permanent and stable. Keep reading to learn more about how they work!

Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants offer a multitude of advantages for anyone missing teeth. Some of the most considerable include:

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Indications for Dental Implants

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It does not matter how many teeth you are missing or where in the jaw they are located -- dental implants can replace them all.

Missing a Single Tooth

A single missing tooth can be replaced with a dental implant-supported crown. The implant post is surgically placed within the gum line, re-exposed, and then a customized crown is placed on top.

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Missing Multiple Teeth

A bridge can be supported by dental implants in the case of multiple tooth loss. A select number of implant posts will be placed, and then, depending on the number of teeth that are missing, a customized bridge will be created and affixed on top.

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Missing All Teeth

Not all hope is lost after all teeth have gone missing. A full denture can be retained with sturdy dental implants. You won’t need an individual implant post for each missing tooth -- in many cases, 6 to 8 dental implant posts are sufficient for a complete denture.

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Understanding the Cost of Dental Implants

Dental implants come at a higher price than other options in tooth replacement because they are placed surgically and require the use of advanced technology and techniques. Here’s the process:

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There is no fixed price for dental implants, so you should schedule an appointment with our office to find out just what you can expect to pay for yours!

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