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Advanced Laser Dentistry in Circle Pines

Dental technology is advancing at the speed of light -- and perhaps the best example is in laser dentistry. To provide faster, more efficient periodontal procedures, your trusted dentists have invested in the Picasso soft tissue laser. Keep reading to find out why that laser dentistry at Circle Pines Dental is great news for your oral health.

Why Laser Dentistry?

Laser dentistry eliminates cutting and stitching from soft tissue oral procedures, like treating gum disease, performing biopsies, healing canker sores, and others. With the power of a super-precise concentrated laser beam, your dentist can complete surgeries more quickly and comfortably, with minimal bleeding. Because laser dentistry does not require sutures, healing times are faster, too.

Superior Care With the Picasso Soft Tissue Laser

The Circle Pines Dental team prefers the Picasso soft tissue laser for its ease of use and fantastic results in a range of oral procedures. Offering a complete laser solution for dentists, clinicians, hygienists, hospitals, and patients, Picasso lasers are used worldwide -- and that means more and more people are benefiting from efficient, effective laser dentistry than ever before.

With built-in treatment timers and a crystal-clear color touch screen, the Picasso comes with customizable continuous or pulsed modes. The volume and aiming beam intensity are also adjustable to ensure we provide treatments that are customized directly to your needs!

What Does the Soft Tissue Laser Treat?

From gum disease treatment to biopsy and cosmetic uses, the procedures that can be performed with the soft tissue laser are many, and include…

Benefits of the Soft Tissue Laser

By eliminating the need for scalpel or sutures, the soft tissue laser allows your dentist to perform soft tissue procedures with greater ease and comfort. Sometimes, treatments can be completed without any numbing or sedation at all. And because the soft tissue laser sanitizes infected tissue as it works, it also speeds healing and reduces the risk of reinfection following gum disease treatment.

Who Is the Dentist Near Me Offering Laser Dentistry?

At Circle Pines Dental, Dr. John Stentz and Dr. Priya Shaffer are committed to offering high quality, hi-tech care -- and laser dentistry is just one of the ways we do that. Your dentists have significant experience performing laser procedures, and look forward to helping more patients benefit from comfortable, efficient care with the Picasso soft tissue laser.

Experience Laser Dentistry for Yourself!

Do you need gum disease treatment, or any of the other services we have listed above? If so, don’t endure another procedure with a scalpel and sutures. Your dentist in Circle Pines offers laser dentistry with the Picasso soft tissue laser! Contact us to schedule an appointment today.