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August, 2012

Superb service! They have been great ever since I have been seeing them for the past 6 years!

Ahmed B., Andover


August, 2012

I recently had an appointment at Circle Pines Dental. My experience there was amazing. The staff is all super friendly and welcoming. It was great to instantly feel so comfortable. Every person I met was extremely kind and helpful. I would highly recommend.

Diane D., Blaine


August, 2012

The staff are kind and friendly, and I will never go anywhere else for my dental care. Even my three year old daughter is well-received. Everyone remembers me every time I come in, and they even remember my daughter's name, even though she is not a patient yet! I recommend Circle Pines Dental to everyone!

Erin T., Circle Pines


April, 2012

I love going to Circle Pines Dental because they always remember me, take good care of me, follow the plan we made and keep my health in their best interests.

Jennifer G., Coon Rapids


March, 2012

Compared to typical expectations of dental work, going to this rare dental clinic is actually fun! Seriously, it will be pleasant. It is well worth my 70 mile drive to get there.

Scott S., Brook Park


March, 2012

I truly cannot find words to express your staff. Always so kind, understanding, caring, just everything. I cannot even begin to thank you or show my appreciation for letting me make payments. I am ever so grateful, trust me. I am scared to do the this treatment, but as always I have great trust in all of you. Again, thank you for your kindness & understanding. There are not many caring places out there, if any. You all excel in every aspect. Thanks to Dr. Stentz for explaining everything very well. Thanks for being the WONDERFUL people you ALL are. BEST, BEST, BEST dental facility in the entire world!

Julie F., North Branch


April 2011

Greeted in a timely manner, friendly, appointment on time, overall experience excellent. Rated 5/5 on the survey!

Dori M, Hugo


April 2011

From the moment you walk in the door and are greeted with a smile, Circle Pines Dental feels like a visit to the Spa! My family originally came here to find a special place for my son. This is the first place I didn’t hear any yelping or see tears after cleanings or fillings.

Even during the upheaval that occurs during remodeling, everyone remained upbeat, kind and funny. Dr. Stentz and Katie truly work as a team and there is respect shown for co-workers and clients. I truly feel that you are all treating the whole family and the whole person. Thank you!!!

Also, it has been wonderful that all treatment options are explained in a straightforward way. Always Circle Pines Dental has been thorough and not pushy. Thanks for letting us go at our own pace and letting us know you are there for us!

Patty V, Circle Pines


April 2011

I love that all the employees are the same every time I have an appointment, that they remember me and that they all have wonderful personalities.

Anonymous, Circle Pines


March 2011

Appointments have always been on time. Explained what was going on in detail. Very satisfied with the work done.

Jim A, Circle Pines


Feb 2011

Competent, friendly, fast, considerate service. Best dental office I’ve ever patronized. Coming from 70 miles north to see them!

Scott C, Brook Park


Jan 2011

Where do I begin? There aren’t enough words to describe how wonderful you all are. You are very professional, kind, caring; I would highly recommend you to all. There isn’t an area that in my opinion where you could perform better. In my life I have used several dental clinics, and as far as I am concerned you far surpass all those other clinics in the quality of your care and the way you have treated me, both professionally and personally. Thanks to you all!

Lance R, Ramsey


Jan 2011

I have been a terrible dental patient for as long as I can remember: dental appointments always hurt and seemed to last forever. Sometimes the crowd of instruments in my mouth made me feel like I couldn’t breathe. I had to have nitrous oxide, even for cleanings. But the staff at Circle Pines Dental took time to get to know me. No one ever behaved as if they were in a hurry (even though I’m sure at times they were.) Soon, I was able to get through appointments without “laughing gas”, and without dread. Thank you, Circle Pines Dental!

Trudy S, Lino Lakes


Dec 2010

Thank you Circle Pines Dental for changing my smile and life. Staff was wonderful. Visit your dentist every three months. Thank you very much.

Michael L, Ankeny, IA


Nov 2010

Everyone was very concerned for my comfort, helpful and kind. I appreciated that very much.

Ethel H, Circle Pines


June 2010

Circle Pines Dental has always met my personal needs and goals with care and professionalism. They take the time and energy to see to it that I am comfortable during my visit, and that I understand the dental work that is being provided. I see the value Circle Pines Dental offers, which is why I will continue visiting- to keep my smile shining!

Colin B, Minneapolis


March 2010

I just had a crown put in; Corey and his Team did a great job. The crown fits good which takes some time. Corey is very good at giving Novocaine shots. I referred my father to Circle Pines Dental and he was very pleased with their service. Thanks!

Kevin I, Lino Lakes


February 2010

I want to thank you for the pleasant experience I had at your office-I can’t believe I said “pleasant” when referring to dental work! The staff is great!

Jo L, Circle Pines


January 2010

I switched dentists because it was closer to home. Boy was I ever glad I did!! Not only is it convenient but to my surprise, not only was the staff wonderful but the technology is superior to my previous dentist. What I appreciate most is not only how I am treated as an actual person and patient, but mostly that we have real and honest conversations about my dental health and discuss what options I have and what “WE” should do. I am included in the decisions. Thank you.

Natalie M, Lino Lakes


January 2010

Our family has always received exceptional care from Circle Pines Dental. I called last minute to schedule my son's wisdom teeth removal while he was home from college and you made time for his procedure and took great care and followed up on his well-being. Thank you!

Carol K, Circle Pines

January 2010

The staff went out of their way to ensure my comfort, with both their attitude and the environment.

Theresa A, Shoreview


December 2009

Dear Dr. Stentz and troops~Roni, Juanita, Katie and Heather~

I am so thankful that each one of you are so good at your job. But when you work together as a team, well you are simply unbeatable! During my recent visit, I noticed my wedding band was missing. Juanita and Heather SPRANG into action, found and returned the ring! I was much more able to relax in the chair. Thanks for going above and beyond! I can’t say I am always happy to go to the dentist. But, I sure am happy to have the BEST when I do have to go for dental care. Merry Christmas to all of you and many, many thanks!

Judy S, White Bear Lake


September 2009

Dr. Stentz-Heather and the other dental assistants who helped me with my dentures-you were fabulously awesome! Your patience and kindness and understanding were great. You listened~You cared~ You got me in as soon as possible when my dentures hurt and I appreciate that-Thank you very much!

Joan L, St. Louis Park


August 2009

Thank you so much for everything you have done for me the past week. The laughing gas was a very nice thing to give me and it helped a lot!Thanks again and see you next time.

Rachel K, Circle Pines


August 2009

Everyone at Circle Pines Dental is wonderful. Thank you,

Carol K, Circle Pines


May 2009

Every Staff member was sincere, shook my hand, and welcomed me. I experienced the most thorough dental exam by Dr. Stentz of my life. Procedures were explained in advance, I was offered many opportunities to ask questions, and the staff frequently inquired about my comfort level. If you desire the best dental visit of your life, you MUST go to Circle Pines Dental!

Donna S, Blaine

May 2009

I think that the people that you have working for Circle Pines Dental make the experience. From the reminder call to the greeting as you walk in the front door and even the follow up call - they are all appreciated. It’s nice to be treated well as opposed to another appointment that you need to get through the revolving door.

Tim C, Stacy

May 2009

Everyone is kind and friendly. They are really concerned about your comfort. It seems you are visiting friends instead of just the dentist office.

Mary Y, Oakdale

April 2009

I had a tooth pulled and I liked it because they asked if I wanted gas or not. It made me feel like they wanted to treat me nicely.

Allison, Age 11, Lexington

March 2009

I moved from a larger dental office to a smaller one that was closer to home, and I am glad I did. I am impressed with the hometown local dentist feel, but with more technology than a lot of other places. Everyone is very personable and they make you feel like you are their only patient that day. They are proof that the best might be closer than you think.

Mike K, Lino Lakes

March 2009

This place is great, friendly and gets the job done right. We drive an hour to get here, that is how great the care is here. We have told friends and family about them.

Taylor F, Cambridge

February 2009

Before finding Circle Pines Dental, I had not been to the dentist in ten years. I had not had a good experience at a dentist until I walked into Circle Pines Dental. My first impression and the impression I still have after many years, is that everything that matters to me and my family matters to all the staff here as well. They go out of their way to make every visit a good experience. Thank you!

Ann K, Lino Lakes

January 2009

Circle Pines Dental is a very friendly and professional office. I appreciate the staff taking the effort to know me personally. In any office-government, professional or business, the atmosphere of the area is reflected in the staff from the top down and I got the feeling from everyone, staff and clients are treated with great respect.

Pearle P, St. Paul

August 2008

I would recommend Circle Pines Dental to anyone looking for a complete dental program. All the staff is caring, kind, and you will be in total comfort during your treatment. Circle Pines Dental is the best dental program I have had. You will actually like going to the dentist!

Tom F, Cedar

July 2008

To everyone at Circle Pines Dental: I have not had very pleasant experiences at the dentist. And I know part of it is that I am not a very good patient!!! So when I received the mailer from you and you talked about what a great experience it would be I thought I would check you out. Well, it was more than I expected. Everyone was very friendly when I walked in the door and it just went from there. I had my teeth cleaned, a cavity filled, and a crown put on. It was everything you said it would be, almost painless! To top it off I received a follow up phone call to make sure I was doing O.K. What service!

Jim E, St. Paul

July 2008

While I have never been a one for dentist's office from the beginning, I must say that since I have started coming to Circle Pines Dental I no longer get anxiety over my visits. As a matter of fact, my whole dental health practice has changed. I'm aware of what it takes to maintain such an important part of the body which for me, if they did not hurt, I did not bother. The staff is fantastic, friendly, courteous and professional. I would recommend this Dental Facility to anyone and that is not something I do lightly.

Mike M, Hugo

July 2008

I had spaces between my front teeth and had some cosmetic dentistry done to correct that and it worked well for many years. Then it came time to have it re-done. I had been going to a dentist that I really wasn't comfortable with, but had him do the work anyway. It was a big mistake, I wasn't happy with the initial results and that grew into even greater disappointment as the teeth yellowed, chipped, and caused other concerns. Since this kind of work is a pretty major investment I had to live with it for awhile.


Then after several years of being self-conscious about my smile, I saw a picture of myself that made me cry. My smile looked awful. It was time to get my teeth fixed. I had been a patient at Circle Pines Dental for a few years and felt confident that this time I was making a good decision. I was lead through the process by the friendly staff and felt completely comfortable with what was happening.


Now I was ready and anxious to get it done! It was worth the wait and investment! I consider myself to be a smiley person and for many years I held back because I hated how my smile looked. I now have a new reason to smile and couldn't be happier that my smile reflects how I feel. My sincere thanks to everyone in the office. Not only were you professional-you were genuinely excited for me and that made the process fun! Thank you!

Michelle K, Lexington

July 2008

The staff here is unbelievable! The general feeling of comfort, care and professionalism prevades as you enter. They know your family past history and really care about your smiles! I call this office "home" to my family's teeth-we are in great hands.

Maureen H, Shoreview

July 2008

After years of suffering with headaches and many visits to medical doctors, I finally found relief at Circle Pines Dental. My primary goal, of course, was to save my teeth, but with the dental restoration I received many more benefits. The headaches have become minimal and manageable, my mental and physical health improved and I have a beautiful smile that I love to show off. In my opinion, Circle Pines Dental gave me my life back. They patiently listened to my concerns and worked with me to choose the best course of action. During the process of the restoration, no decisions were made without discussion. I felt informed and in control of my own health plan. I feel the Circle Pines Dental staff is professional, knowledgeable and caring! Thank you!!!

Donna W, Blaine

May 2007

I wanted to thank everyone at Circle Pines Dental. My husband had said what a fantastic place this office was. I thought he was crazy. How can a dentist be fantastic? Well, you all proved him right. You are fantastic and wonderful. My whole life, I've been so afraid of the dentist office; I went for 20 years at one point before I ever stepped into a dental office. Then another 5 years, and then 4 years. Well, I must admit, I won't wait that long again. I have found a new "dental home" that I will visit as much as necessary. Everyone is so friendly, knowledgeable and sensitive to the patient's needs. Keep up the good work. I am sending a link to your site to everyone I know. Thank you from "scaredy cat no longer".

Cindy H, Lino Lakes

April 2007

I began using an NTI (used to treat clenching) with no problems, in fact it felt like putting your foot into a nice comfy slipper. I have no more headaches and I cannot sleep without my NTI. Dr. Benjamin made it easy to switch, he told me if I did not like it, he would take it back. I would strongly suggest all clenchers use an NTI.

Dan C, Blaine

July 2006

I love coming to Circle Pines Dental because everyone is so nice and personable. They are fun and answer all my questions with a smile.

Josh S, Lino Lakes

June 2006

I was so happy when I heard about sedation dentistry at Circle Pines Dental. The staff took the time to listen to my fears and really understood. After visiting with them, I had my work done, without the sedation after all!

Mavis H, St. Paul

September 2005

Circle Pines Dental is always on time; never have to wait. The staff is very friendly.

Min, Shoreview

September 2005

Circle Pines Dental - it's difficult to sum up in a couple of words of what I liked best or why I would recommend you; I could write pages! Our relationship has been long and very rewarding for me; not only worth great improvements in my dental health, but in the friendships I've gained with you and your staff. "Going to the Dentist" at Circle Pines Dental is like visiting friends; everyone makes my visit as enjoyable. I actually look forward to it. Please thank everyone for the friendships, their hard work and dedication. And most of all thank you for a smile that gives me confidence! Having said that, Circle Pines Dental, Doctors and Staff, are the greatest! I have and always will highly recommend you.

Carol, Forest Lake

July 2005

I am such a nervous, scared patient. The dentist and staff of Circle Pines Dental work hard to make me feel at ease and calm my fears. I am so pleased with the care I've received here. I have recommended you to a friend of mine who is also very nervous about dental work.

Stephanie, Blaine

March 2005

Professional, courteous, gentle and on time. My husband and I drive over 90 miles to see them, passing several dental offices along the way, simply because we want the best care possible. Thank you all!

Linda, Hinkley