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Restorative Dentistry in Circle Pines

A full denture.

Just because your tooth has sustained damage does not mean you have to extract the tooth outright. Furthermore, you don’t have to go through life with missing teeth. Circle Pines Dental is equipped to perform many treatments and techniques designed to restore and/or replace your damage teeth to the absolute fullest. Our dentists will walk you through all of your options and help you determine the best solution for you, so keep reading to learn more about our all-porcelain restorations, dental bridges, dentures, dental implants and more!

All-Porcelain Restorations

A dental crown.

At Circle Pines Dental, we understand how important it is to take your smile’s appearance into consideration when creating long-lasting restorations. Instead of relying on the silver amalgam materials of the past, your next dental crown will be made from lifelike, tooth-colored materials that blend in with your smile. With proper care, there’s no reason why your next dental crown can’t last many years without issue, just make sure to practice daily care and visit our office for routine appointments!

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Dental Bridges

A diagram of a dental bridge.

If you’re missing teeth, an effective solution to address it is dental bridges! Each dental bridge is customized to fit on top of existing teeth, which fills the gap in your smile and prevents neighboring teeth from shifting into the open space. Dental bridges are ideal for replacing one to two teeth at a time, just keep in mind that a small amount of existing tooth enamel will need to be removed so there is room for the restoration to fit properly.

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Full and Partial Dentures

A young woman receiving dental treatment.

Do you have extensive tooth loss? Missing all the teeth in your arch? Full and partial dentures have been around for many years, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t gotten incredibly lifelike since they were used by our founding fathers. Today, dental materials, including ceramics and acrylics, are incredibly capable of mimicking your current oral structures while still providing a reliable long-term solution to severe tooth loss. We’ll carefully customize your denture so that it fits inside your mouth exactly.

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Root Canal Therapy

If a tooth has developed an oral infection, we do not need to jump to extracting the tooth, which may have been more common in the past. Root canal therapy provides us an opportunity to remove damaged tissue and treat the infection before it spreads to neighboring teeth. To do this, we create a tiny access hole in the top portion of the tooth, then remove infected tissue, irrigate and shape the canal, then place rubber-like material designed to prevent future infections from developing.

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Dental Implant Placement and Restoration

Finally, if you’re looking for the most comprehensive solution to tooth loss, look no further than dental implants. This tooth replacement option organically bonds with your existing bone and gum tissue, making it incredibly sturdy and long-lasting. Since the implant post integrates with the jaw, chewing your favorite foods feels natural and keeps bone from prematurely deteriorating. It’s the most effective way to replace teeth and is well worth the longer healing time and cost.

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