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Root Canals in Circle Pines

We hope you never experience the pain of a serious toothache, but if you do then please reach out to your Circle Pines dentist immediately. Whether the pain is persistent, intermittent, dull or sharp, one thing is for sure—that pain is part of your body’s messaging system that’s telling you something is wrong. Sometimes, a toothache is a leading indicator that you have an infected tooth in need of a root canal.

What is a Root Canal?

A root canal or root canal therapy is a common dental procedure that removes infection from inside your tooth. How does an infected tooth happen? It all starts like any other infection—with bacteria.

Your mouth is filled with millions of bacteria. Inside a healthy tooth is the pulp chamber, where blood, lymph and nerve tissue supply the tooth with nutrients and eliminate toxins. Normally, this space is well protected by a tooth’s two other layers, enamel and dentin. However, if there is extensive decay, a loose filling, or a penetrating crack, then bacteria may be able to access this pulp chamber. When this happens, infection has a chance to begin.

The Symptoms of an Infected Tooth

When a tooth becomes infected, the primary symptom is extreme pain because of the inflammation inside your tooth. But pain is not the only indicator. Other signs that should alert you include:

While unusual, there are some people who experience no symptoms when they have an infected tooth. That’s why regular dental checkups that include digital x-rays to reveal trouble below the surface are so important.

What to Expect During Root Canal in Circle Pines

First of all, don’t expect pain! To the contrary, root canals at Circle Pines Dental are intended to eliminate the pain and discomfort of your toothache. We begin by gently anesthetizing the tooth and surrounding gum tissue. Then, the Circles Pines dentist drills a small hole to access the pulp chamber and attached root canals in order to remove all evidence of infection. Blood, lymph and nerve tissue are also disposed of; fortunately, your tooth will be able to function normally without these. The tooth is disinfected, filled with an inert substance and sealed with a temporary filling. Eventually, the tooth will be prepared and fitted with a dental crown to restore proper form and function.

Contact Circle Pines Dental if you suspect that you or a loved one has an infected tooth and