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Sedation Dentistry in Circle Pines

Fortunately, neither Dr. Stentz nor Dr. Shaffer are easily offended, because they both know that there are people who would really rather not see them—ever. Dental fear and anxiety prevents millions of Americans from having the oral health care they need.  Despite the best efforts of our dentists and staff to provide an atmosphere that is calm and reassuring, some folks just cannot overcome their worries. If you or a family member happens to be one of those people, then we want you to consider sedation dentistry in Circle Pines. We offer two different kinds of sedation dentistry: oral conscious sedation and IV sedation. Your dentist will know which one is best for you based on your level of anxiety and the type of dental treatment you need. In addition to helping people with dental fears, sedation dentistry may also be ideal for patients with extremely sensitive teeth and gums, a quick gag reflex and those who are having a complex procedure or several at one appointment.

What is Oral Conscious Sedation?

If the thought of coming to the dentist causes you to worry and sets those butterflies in your stomach aflutter, then oral conscious sedation in Circle Pines may be just what the doctor orders. With this type of sedation, Dr. Stentz or Dr. Shaffer prescribes a mild sedative medication in pill form. Simply swallow the pill at the correct time before your appointment and your worries will begin to melt away. Because of the rapid effects of this sedative, you will not be able to drive yourself to our office. Be sure to enlist the aid of a relative or friend, so you have someone lined up who can accompany you to your appointment, wait during your treatment and take you back home.

With oral sedation, Circle Pines dentist can complete a variety of procedures from dental cleanings and examinations to more involved procedures such as crowns, implants or gum disease treatment.  Although you will be relaxed to the point of feeling as if you’re asleep, you are actually awake so the dentist can talk with you during treatment.

How is IV Sedation Used in Dentistry?

In a dental office, IV sedation is reserved for complex cases and for people with extreme dental phobia that are better served by being under general anesthesia during their treatment. Delivered directly into the bloodstream, this type of sedation prompts a deeper level of unconsciousness. Whether we use oral or IV sedation, your safety and welfare are our #1 concern. With this in mind, you vital signs are monitored and you are in the company of at least one team member at all times.

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